Please link back ... and legal junk. ^_^

The jokes on were all made by me.

Of course I realize this is the internet and I can't or shouldn't reasonably expect to control what any site vistors do with my content. (Image in my mind of a mad scientist type..."Now that I have emitted a joke my absolute control of the physical universe will expand in a bubble at the speed of light! BWAHAHAHA!" OK, that's more the 'rock star' mentality than the mad scientist...except that very few rock stars spend much time thinking about the speed of light so they expect their reach to be instantaneous. ^_-)

Considering some of the other things I've been involved in, it would in fact be hypocritical to start telling people what they can or can't do with what I post. ^_-

I would like to ask one favour though...

Feel free to post these jokes wherever you want, in fact I encourage it. Just please put a link back to this site when you do so people can see where it came from.

As one of my favourite web comic artists pointed out proper attribution benefits everyone. ^_-

This stuff is up for anyone to read or link to free.

Now go read more jokes on the main page. ^_^

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