Don't do drugs!

There was this guy who'd never seen his father, one day he finally asked his mother who his father was. She was a bit reluctant to tell him but she decided he was old enough now that he should know the truth as awkward as the story was.

She told him she used to be a porn actress and he was conceived during a gang bang scene that was filmed on a beach so his father could have been any of the men in that beach scene.

Later that day the guy was talking to his buddy and told him what he'ld learned that morning. Nearby there were two girls who overheard the conversation.

So his freind says "wow dude, that's messed up". He said "I know man, I need to get high, do you want to go to my dealer with me and get some meth together, the more you buy at a time the better the price he gives you". His freind said "sure". So they went to the dealer got the meth and got high together.

Well, meth messes you up pretty bad and people do some pretty stupid stuff under it's influence. So they got the idea to steal the wire off a high voltage transmission tower so they could sell the copper and get more meth with the money.

Unfortunately they both died of electrocution, the jolt fried them and they fell to the ground. Hearing the loud bang two girls came running and found the two buddies charred bodies on the ground. It was the two girls from earlier who had overheard the one guy's story and that they were going to get meth.

The one girl said to the other "you know there is a lesson in this", the other girl said "what's that?", so she said...

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